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Participation summary

Efficient participation tracking for seamless operations.

This report can be used to track and monitor participation and engagement of the candidates.


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Identify strengths and weaknesses, track progress towards goals, and measure the effectiveness of training or coaching programs and make data-driven decisions.


Track aggregated progress and performance

Track progress towards goals, identify top performers, and reward outstanding performance. With our leaderboard feature, you can boost engagement, improve motivation, and drive better results.

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Frequently asked questions

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    • What is your company's focus?

      Our company's focus is to provide a comprehensive platform for career development through assessments, courses, and a hiring portal.

    • How do you differentiate yourselves from competitors?

      We differentiate ourselves from competitors through our focus on personalized learning, data-backed assessments, and a streamlined hiring process.

    • What types of assessments does your platform offer?

      Our platform offers a variety of assessments, including skills assessments, personality assessments, and cognitive assessments.

    • How are the courses structured and delivered?

      Our courses are structured as a combination of self-paced modules and instructor-led sessions, and are delivered through our online learning platform.

    • Is the content customizable to my company's needs?

      Yes, the content is fully customizable to your company's needs, including the ability to add custom assessments and create custom course content.

    • Can you integrate your platform with our existing HR systems?

      Yes, we can integrate our platform with your existing HR systems, including applicant tracking systems and learning management systems.

    • How do you ensure the quality and accuracy of your assessments?

      We ensure the quality and accuracy of our assessments through rigorous testing and validation processes, as well as ongoing monitoring and updates.

    • What support and resources do you offer for employees going through the courses?

      We offer a range of support and resources for employees going through our courses, including access to instructors, online forums, and additional learning materials.

    • Can you provide data and insights on employee performance and progress?

      Yes, we provide detailed data and insights on employee performance and progress, including tracking of course completion rates and performance on assessments.